• Alvaro Echanove

Valentine's day meets Mediation

Dernière mise à jour : 13 févr. 2019

By Joséphine Brodeur and Alvaro Echanove

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(Articulo en Castellano : pulse aquí)

It might be hard to admit it, since we want to act serious and professional, but conflict resolution relies significantly on love. And what is more important than the fight against intolerance and hate ?

Whether we like it or not, in order to listen to others, and for others to listen to us, we might have to treat them with a little bit of love, sometimes.

At Third Chair, we believe that love springs for simple gestures of collaboration and hope towards others : family, neighbours, colleagues, business relations, employees, bosses, professors, students...

Don't be shy : spread some love around you. It'll come back to you. (That's another mediation concept, by the way : we call it "reciprocity".)

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